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Tongue and Lip Ties

tongue tie treatment

Tongue and lip ties can affect people of all ages.

The most common reasons to treat them are as follows:

  • For infants - Breast feeding difficulties
  • For children - Speech difficulties and narrow jaws, or crooked teeth
  • For adults - Head and neck pains and snoring

Tongue and Lip Ties brochure Tongue and Lip Ties brochure (1107 KB)

If you or your baby has a tongue tie, click here to learn more about the Gold Coast Tongue and Lip Tie Clinic @ Heal Dental Care.

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Articles on Tongue Tie

If you keen to read more about Tongue Toe, click here to see the blog on tongue ties written by Dr Dan.

Dr Dan Says

"when a baby is able to breast feed correctly, it is not only more comfortable for the mother, but it helps to establish correct swallowing and breathing patterns. This in turn can lead to better overall health, including reduced infant symptoms such as colic, less chance of speech pathology, and better jaw and airway formation. The tongue is an amazing muscle which when allowed to function correctly, can set the body up for better breathing, better sleep and better health."