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Myofocus Courses

Dr Dan Hanson is co-founder of the Myofocus System – a system which combines all of the best in the field of early interceptive and myofunctional orthodontics from around the world. This is used in his Myofocus Melbourne clinic

However, Dr Dan and his Myofocus partner Dr Donny teach other dentists and orthodontists how to treat children using The Myofocus System. If you are a health professional and wish to learn from Dr Dan and Dr Donny see the list of lectures and seminars available see Myofocus Courses.

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Tongue Tie Institute

The Tongue Tie Institute seeks to support health professionals to develop their understanding of oral restrictions in a manner that is both comprehensive; avoiding narrow focus on one area of the body or symptom; and multi-disciplinary, recognising what many enlightened practitioners have long known – operating in treatment silos seldom results in the best outcomes for patients.

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