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Men’s Work

“Men’s Work” refers to a variety of ways in which men can develop emotional intelligence, learn to be more authentic, and become more aware of their own patterns of behaviour.

I have learned a great deal about my own ego and patterns of conditioned behaviour through a variety of programs run by Men’s Wellbeing. For example I learned that I had a tendency to “rescue” people who are close to me – often when help if not wanted or unnecessary. This really affected my marriage until I became aware of what I was doing. This was likely due to me having to emotionally “rescue” my mother from a young age due to the early death of my father when I was 6 years old. I have found that a combination of awareness and acceptance of my “self” has resulted in a much happier life with more authentic relationships.

I have now undertaken training as a facilitator for Men’s Wellbeing and have facilitated a number of workshops during a variety of events linked to Men’s Wellbeing.

Men’s Wellbeing was founded 20 years ago as the Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association of Queensland, after several men already involved in men’s personal growth work noted the lack of government or community resources for men.

Totally self-funded and incorporated as a not-for-profit community association, it has since grown to have a current active membership base of over 350. It is steered by an elected management committee of volunteers and employs part-time staff.

“There are profound benefits when men have the space and time to discuss the things that matter with other men.

There is a great Men’s Wellbeing program called Common Ground which I help to facilitate on the Gold Coast. Common Ground offers one of the few opportunities for men to gain new perspectives on various issues with other caring and informed men.

Common Ground is a form of “Men’s Work.”

A 9 week program with men from all walks of life and differing circumstances. The group usually goes on to form it’s own self-sustaining “Men’s Group”.

I went through this program in 2012. It changed my life in more positive ways than I can express. Now I’m co-facilitating it so others can benefit. Come along to a free introductory night – you have nothing to lose.

Click for the latest Common Ground program facilitated by at team of facilitators including Dr Dan